So you’ve been trying to clean house, or just some parts of the house while trying to decide when would you outsource the tougher parts of cleaning house to the professionals. You have seen others do it for the sake of saving money. And you are left to wonder why they make it seem so easy.

At the back of your head, you are like “I will save the weekend for cleaning house alone” without anticipation of the overwhelming (?) task of cleaning house – the living room, the dining room, the kitchen, the bathroom and the garage. And you realize what have you missed.

Not this time.

Because once you try to scale the tasks within the cleaning project that you imposed upon yourself, it is no longer about what needs to be cleaned first. It becomes the system of cleaning bit by bit. How to clean a house by streamlined in a list? Here are some ideas from a local house cleaning company in Riverside, CA. Also known as The Cleaning Agents.

  1. Start with the lighter load, like the bookshelf.

Or your workstation at home. Whether you are a home-based freelancer or a corporate employee with a desk at home containing some work-related documents and books, you have potential dust-gatherers that need to be kept clean regularly.

You need to dust them off or at least wipe off the dirt from the table to the books and other trinkets before they literally get to you, literally, through an asthmatic attack or allergies that might take time to get cured.

Sounds scary? Good. Now that image will motivate you to clean your desk.