If you are a licensed plumber and you are tired to work in a company for somebody else, maybe it’s high time for you to actually start your own business. Just like any other servicing business, one of the best things you need to in order to be successful in your craft is to provide services that your customers can’t do themselves and make sure that your company is the first thing that pops to their mind whenever they encounter issues in their water system. However, this is not an easy thing to do.


Because of the many competitors in the industry, how do you ensure that your company stands out? Here are a few tips you could follow in order to build a good name in the plumbing industry.

Create a Network of Referrals

One of the best marketing strategy you need to target is the word of mouth. This is especially true if you don’t necessarily have an allotted budget for marketing and promotion. You have to understand that customers often look for service providers that they could trust, thus, gaining them would be a good start. As much as possible accept clients that will ensure that other people knows about the job, be it a government entity or a school district. Then, get testimonials of these clients and promote them using simple brochures and the likes.

Generate Sales

A lot of budding businesses often have a goal of breaking even in the earlier years of the business. However, there is actually nothing wrong if you are yet to gain profit. In fact, it is good to allocate budgets to some marketing strategies such as rewarding those clients who referred your company to another or offer some discounts to customers who returned for service. Furthermore, you also have to do some follow-up services even after the duration of the job to ensure that your clients are still impressed with your work. This will establish a good name what would generate profit in the latter part of your business venture.

Focus in Managing

Even if plumbing has been the only profession you have learned in your entire life, starting a business of your own would mean giving up that profession to manage your own business. The target is to get the business running, that means you have to be taking lesser jobs to focus your attention on how to gain profit. Thus, you have to fire yourself from being a plumber and evolve into a business manager. That is, you have to be educated with administrative works, learn how to create business plans and cash flows and other things that could help maintain your business.

Don’t Be Too Relaxed

A lot of starting business owners gets too relaxed once the profit and the capital break even. This would necessarily lose the momentum as well as the motivation of owners to evolve the company into something bigger. This is precisely the reason why even if you have gained a good amount of profit, don’t stop being passionate about the business and allocate these to marketing strategies in order to let your company grow at the end of the day.