Did you know that the most common reason for people moving out of state is the affordability of houses? This might seem familiar to you if you ended up finding a home that you can finally call your own. It just happened to be located outside your current state.

Packing up stuff does not have to be that hard. Overwhelming? Yes. But for the most part, it is about knowing where to start when getting your things placed in boxes and containers for that plan to move into your new home. And these are some simple tips from Local Movers, just follow these 3 steps:

  • Have rolls of duct tape and blankets in tow.

Yes. That blanket by the bedroom can be useful in wrapping stuff similar to big white blankets that cover the furniture when moving out. If you want to keep your main blanket along with the other pillows, that’s fine.

Putting them in boxes later is the best option to separate the blankets for protecting your stuff in the moving process. The rolls of duct tape will be useful in keeping the items sealed in the containers after you complete the second step in this checklist.

  • Gather items from the smallest to the biggest.

Having a desk at home immediately gives you an idea which items to place in a single box. But since the cupboard and the table with the drawer had to be emptied for the moving part, you have to place them in a separate box until all items have been reassembled in the house where you are about to move in.

Teaching kids how to gather their toys, books, and gadgets would give them an idea how to help in the moving process. Having a container with all your stuff separate from your partner’s stuff makes the reassembling part easier. It is as if you have streamlined the unboxing process by knowing where did you put what item and how many. This makes the third and last step crucial.

  • Label boxes or containers based on categories of items packed.

Remember about letting your kids and your partner have a part in the packing part? This will make it easy to identify which items to unload into your respective rooms. And the tasks just got easier once you start labeling these boxes.

Going back to your kids, there are boxes that contain toys and books in one sitting. Sometimes 2 separate boxes for the toys and the books get set. Same thing for your stuff where your home office desk items are separate from your personal documents like birth certificate, marriage certificate and other legal documents proving your identity. Labeling the boxes will make it easier for you to decide which container to open first come reassembling time.

In need of additional space and muscle for all of the boxes and blanket-wrapped household items? The Affordable Movers are ready at your beck and call. See which moving services can supplant your needs. Rest assured that much of the workload, literally and figuratively, will be lifted off your shoulders.