If you are not living alone in your house, then you must have experienced being blasted by a gallon of hot water inside the shower especially when somebody else inside your home flushed the toilet simultaneously while you are taking a bath. A lot of American homes actually experience this kind of scenario. Understanding the source of the problem will help you realize that you actually need a professional plumber to fix something that isn’t going well in your water system.


What’s the Reason Behind This?

When a family member flushes the toilet while you are taking a bath and a splash of hot water ruins your private time, your water system might have a trunk and branch structure. Meaning, the water supply travels through a bigger ‘trunk’ into smaller ‘branches’ that delivers water to every room. Meaning, if the shower room calls for water, there is a possibility that the water already in use is diverted into some intensity of temperature that is going to be used in the second room, in this case, the toilet. When the toiled necessitates a cold water, the shower will have to share this supply of cold water that would result into a relatively warmer water in the process of mixing hot water in the shower and stops only when the tank is filled.

In order to prevent this kind of annoying scenario, here are some tips you could do in your home.

Don’t Use the Toilet When Someone is Showering

Obviously, this is the easiest way possible. However, it is solely dependent on the agreement of your family members. Moreover, there are times that your kids might forget this reminder thus, you occasionally get blasts of hot water while showering.

Lessen the Water Level of the Toilet Tank

This is good but won’t necessarily stop the cause of the problem. However, this practice will strategically create a way to fill up the tank quicker and thus, creating a lesser possibility for the problem to occur. In order to do this, you will have to put jug of water in the tank or a bring would also be as good. The negative side of this however is that it is possible for your wastes not to drain properly.

Change Your Water

This is the most effective way in order to solve this problem. Since a professional plumber has the prior knowledge with water systems, they are capable of actually widening the ‘trunk’ or the passageway of the water from the source in order to deliver water more efficiently. Moreover, plumbers could necessarily put up a load balancing platform in order to resolve the issues of having blasted a significant amount of hot water while showering.


When you experience problems in your plumbing, there are certain solutions that you could possibly do on your own. However, in order to avoid worsening the problem, it is recommended to call professional plumbers to ensure that the job is going to be done efficiently.