There are three major pillars that you need to install in order to create a functional and elegant bathroom. The tub, toilet as well as the sinks are these three major parts that will affect your experience while using a bathroom. The sink, in particular, offers a variety of styles and types and choosing the right one to fit in your bathroom could be a bit of a hassle.

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In order to help you choose the right sink to install in your bathroom, here are the two major types of sinks that are popularly sold in the market today.

Pedestal Sink

This is one of the most famous kinds of sinks that are used in most modern houses today. Pedestal sinks are standing structures that are usually consists of a basin and a column used to support the former. Since this type of sink is relatively smaller than the other one, this could be a great choice especially when you are going to install it in a smaller bathroom where space is very limited.

Conventionally, the columns that support the basin are decorated in order to bring personality into your bathroom without necessarily occupying a large space. The basins’ shapes are usually like that of a bowl and don’t have flat surfaces around them.

Installing this kind of sink is comparatively easier especially that only involves installing the sink to the wall and connecting the faucet. As soon as the sink is mounted, accessing the pipes in order to do some minor water system repairs is relatively easier than that of the other types of sinks. Moreover, you could easily replace a defective faucet without necessarily unbolting installations on the wall.


This type of sink is built above a cabinet where the pipes are hidden and thus, consuming space inside the cabinet. The top area of this kind of sink gives additional space for placing the soap, toothbrushes and other things you typically put inside a bathroom. In this kind of sink, the cabinets could be colored or painted with designs to add life to the bathroom. Furthermore, the cabinets provide space for storing some cleaning materials and other things.

However, the cabinets will surely occupy some space making it not ideal for bathrooms with smaller size. Since the drop-in sink is installed on top of a cabinet, a hole is created to make way for pipes and other waterways such as faucet tube. In order to maximize space, most drop-in sinks have the same shapes and sizes such as oval or rectangular so that the design will not necessarily consume the whole bathroom. Just like the first type, you could easily do some repairs on the plumbing which is hidden inside the interior space of the cabinet.

Call a Professional Plumber to Help You Install Sinks

As a homeowner, one thing you need to understand is that the process of installing your new sink should be done by a professional plumber. This will not only ensure that the sink is properly placed, but this would also deter you from spending additional costs for repair once the sink is poorly installed.